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After you’ve bought FAQs

Here are some questions that we know leaseholders often ask us. However, if you need a more detailed explanation about anything in your lease, please contact us.

Can I take in a lodger?

Yes. However, you are responsible for them and you must make sure they keep to the conditions of your lease.

Can I sublet my home?

Generally, the answer is no. Government money goes into affordable home ownership schemes, so we have to control who benefits from it. Also, if you have a mortgage on your home, your lender will probably be concerned if you let it to someone else.

There is a very limited number of circumstances where we can give our approval for subletting. Please contact your residential services officer if you need to discuss this in more detail.

Can I carry out home improvements?

Generally, yes. Obviously, you can carry out minor work such as putting up shelves or decorating without consulting us. If you plan to carry out major work, such as double glazing, taking down or putting up a wall or building an extension, youll need our written permission.

If you are doing structural work to your home well need to see plans. You should also write to us and confirm that the work will be carried out by a reputable builder and will meet all necessary building regulations and planning requirements.

If you are planning to carry out any major improvements to your home you should remember that your home wont always go up in value by the amount you spend on improvements.

For further information about home improvements, please contact your residential services officer.

Can a group of residents do their own communal cleaning and grounds maintenance?

Where we own the freehold, residents in apartments occasionally ask if they can take over the cleaning or grounds maintenance on their development from our contractor. Well usually give our permission if all residents agree to it. Notice will be served to the contractor to terminate their contract, which is usually 28 days, and our service charge account will be adjusted accordingly.

Well continue to inspect the shared areas to ensure that high standards are met. If there is a dispute among residents, or the work is not being carried out to a reasonable standard, we may restart the contract.

Please contact your residential services officer if you would like more information.

Can I keep pets?

Your lease will tell you if you can keep pets in your home.

If you live in a house there are not usually any restrictions.

If you live in an apartment you are unlikely to be able to keep a pet.

Occasionally we may allow you to keep a pet even if your lease does not allow you to (although we'll need to know what type of pet you want to keep). If we give you permission to keep a pet you must make sure it doesn't cause a nuisance to your neighbours. If it does, we may withdraw our permission and you'll no longer be allowed to keep a pet.

What will L&Q do if I'm experiencing anti-social behaviour?

Please contact your residential services officer immediately.

We are committed to creating sustainable communities where our residents and their families can enjoy a quality of life free from anti-social behaviour.

Our staff are trained to deal with your enquiry and we will discuss with you what we can do together.

What can I do if I'm experiencing anti-social behaviour?

To help us manage anti-social behaviour we ask that you:

  • Act in a considerate and reasonable way towards others living in or visiting your locality
  • Ensure that members of your family and visitors also act in a reasonable way
  • We expect you to first try and resolve minor disputes by talking to your neighbours they may not be aware that their behaviour is causing a problem
  • Consider the help of mediation services to help resolve your disputes
  • Keep a diary of incidents if we need you to collect evidence
  • Report serious incidents, including threats or acts of violence to the Police