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Service Charges

We collect service charges with your rent in one lump sum every month.

Service charges may not be applicable if you have bought the remaining shares in your property (e.g. if you live in a house where we dont provide any grounds maintenance/lighting).

We dont collect service charges for Homebuy, Key Homebuy or Key Worker Living customers, however we do charge a separate administration fee for any work we undertake for these customers.

Your service charges can cover any number of costs for managing your home/scheme.

Find out more about charges that may appear on your services charges statement: Service Charges Description

Please contact us if youd like a specific breakdown of charges due at your property.

Download a guide to administrative charges for Homebuy/

Key Homebuy and Key Worker Living customers: Administrative Charges leaflet (1.4 MB)

We ensure that all shared-owners and reduced market rent tenants receive an estimate of service charges for the year (which starts 01 April), by the end of the previous February. This will detail what your property will cost to manage, maintain and pay any bills due for the property in the following financial year.

Specimen Estimate (24 KB)

We issue all shared owners and reduced market rent tenants a statement which details all actual expenditure for the previous financial year by no later than September every year.

If theres a credit balance, well refund you the difference between what we thought wed spend and what we actually spent. If theres a debit balance, (i.e. if we had to spend more than we originally estimated), well confirm how much this is and arrange for you to pay it.

Specimen Service Charge (24 KB)

If you have any questions or comments about our service charges or procedures, please contact L&Q Direct (link to contact page in Residents section).