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UpToYou £25-60k

Do you earn between £25k and £60k?

UpToYou is an exciting new opportunity that allows you to choose to rent or buy your home, as and when you want.

Looking to rent?

  • Move in and pay a subsidised rent.
  • You can sign up to a standard Assured Shorthold Tenancy and you can rent the home for as long as you want.

Unable to buy right now?

  • Move in and pay a subsidised rent while you save.
  • You can remain a tenant for as long as you choose or after six months you can become an owner. At this stage you can buy a share of your home, continue renting the rest and receive 5% of the equity for free.

Unable to afford a whole property right now?

  • Buy a share of the property and rent the rest from us.
  • Buy more of your home when you're able to afford it.

There are currently no homes available under this scheme.

You can find answers to your questions about UpToYou here.

Do I have to buy a share of my home?

No, you can remain as a tenant.

What does subsidised rent mean?

It means your rent is calculated to be 80% of the rental value of similar homes in your area. L&Q receives funding from the Homes & Communities Agency to ensure that rent remains below similar homes from private landlords.

Does it matter how much I earn?

If you are interested in a shared ownership home, your household income cannot be more than £60,000 per year when you move in.

If I want to buy part of my home, how will I finance it?

You'll need to get a mortgage from one of the high street lenders. We'll arrange for you to get expert advice from an independent financial adviser.

Please note that L&Q is legally bound to comply with UK money laundering legislation. We may therefore conduct verification checks including an electronic check to confirm a customers identity prior to purchase.

What does '5% equity free' mean?

If you have been renting your home for 6 months or more and you go on to buy a share, well give you 5% of the home for free.

What if I want to buy more of my home?

This is called 'staircasing'. This is when you gradually increase the share of your home that you own. You can do this whenever you choose and up to 100%.

What if I rent a home and then want to move out?

After the first six months you can move out whenever you choose with four weeks notice ending on a Monday.

What if I own part of my home and want to move out?

You can sell either the part of your home you own and the new owner will rent the remainder from us or sell it as a whole.

Can I sublet my home?

No. These homes are not available for buy to let and it will be a condition of the tenancy agreement that you are not allowed to sublet. These homes are designed to help people get on the property ladder.

What do I do if I'm interested?

Check out our available properties and call us on 0844 406 9800 or email us at

There are currently no homes available under this scheme.