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Affordable Homes Programme

L&Q has entered into a contract to build new affordable homes using Government money. Funding comes from the Mayor of London for new homes in London and from the Homes and Communities Agency for homes outside the capital. This work is part of their Affordable Homes Programme, which runs from 2011 until 2015. The aim of the programme is to increase the supply of affordable homes in England.

We publish details every quarter of all items of spending over £500 that relate to the delivery of what are known as 'firm schemes'. These are development schemes where we can say with a real degree of certainty that building will go ahead and have confirmed this with the Mayor of London or with the Homes and Communities Agency.

We have agreed with the Mayor of London and the Homes and Communities Agency that they can publish information, where appropriate, about our involvement in the Affordable Homes Programme. This includes details such as the funding we will receive, our development costs, the funding for firm schemes and any significant changes.

We publish the following information for each item of spending over £500:

  • Firm scheme name
  • Date of transaction
  • Value
  • Description

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