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Resident Involvement - Facebook discussion from April 2015

Pat Lee, L&Q's Senior Regeneration Manager, and Ruth Fairborn, L&Q's Resident Involvement Co-ordinator for the South-East took to Facebook to answer resident questions on resident involvement.

If you missed the session or would like a reminder of what was discussed, see below.

What do you mean by resident involvement?

Ruth: "It's a way that L&Q residents can give their views on our services and the place where they live. It helps us to make a positive difference and achieve our mission of 'Creating places where people want to live'. There are many different ways to get involved such as decision making, inspections and forums. You can also give your views from the comfort of your own home!"

I need to develop my CV, how can resident involvement help?

Pat: "Resident involvement has so many different skills to offer you, for instance neighbourhood champions can develop communication, team working, problem solving and scrutiny skills. In fact, one of our neighbourhood champions used his experience to move from a job in retail to a housing manager position"

I'm worried that becoming involved with L&Q, will take too much time, what can I do that will fit in with my busy life?

Pat: "There are so many options to choose from. You could carry on using Facebook and giving us your views; or you could join a resident panel and receive short questionnaires every 4 to 6 months. These are so simple and easy, they could be completed in a couple of minutes over a cup of tea!"

There are some more ideas about getting involved on this page.

What about people who don't have a committee team. I'm the only L&Q resident round here?

Ruth: "You may be interested to know that every L&Q resident has a committee they can join. Your local committee meets in Earlsfield. If youre interested, get in touch with our team and well see what we can do."

Why is it the case that I, a tenant, have to chase the energy department to apply for the Green Deal Communities Fund after British Gas pulled out of the cladding insulation works?

Ruth: "Hi Andrew, we've chosen not to apply for the Green Deal Communities Fund this year, however thank you for bringing this to our attention. This is precisely what resident involvement is all about!"

The estate that I live on has a number of problems that I'm concerned about, what can I do to change things?

Ruth: "You could always join your Neighbourhood Committee. They meet quarterly and one of their jobs is to decide how money is spent on projects which help reduce poverty, promote safety and increase employment opportunities. Committee members are also able to monitor and challenge L&Q's performance in local neighbourhoods. These committees are not for a few individuals but are there to benefit the whole community."

Find out more about how to join a neighbourhood committee.

It's all very well talking about Resident Involvement, but is your money where your mouth is?!?

Pat: "Yes. As a Neighbourhood Champion you can access £400 per annum. This can be spent on any improvements to your neighbourhood. You also have access to a much larger pot of money through getting involved with your Neighbourhood Services Officer and jointly bidding to your local Neighbourhood Committee."

Ruth: "As well as all of this, L&Q are very keen to hear about your ideas for wider community projects. This is funded through the L&Q Foundation."