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L&Q Merger FAQ

On 6 December 2016, L&Q and East Thames came together to create the largest provider of new affordable homes in the country.

We will keep the name L&Q, so nothing will change in terms of residents’ tenancy agreements or how they pay their rent. East Thames will also keep its name until it has finished integrating into L&Q. We expect that process to take around two years.

The consultation period for this merger ended on 30 September.

Consultation results

More than 1,800 L&Q residents and 850 East Thames residents shared their thoughts on the merger and a summary of the outcome of this resident consultation exercise was presented to Board in October.

Key concerns according to L&Q and East Thames respondents:

  • Financial impact
  • Bigger not necessarily better
  • A lowering of standards

Key benefits according to L&Q and East Thames respondents:

  • More support for residents
  • Improved efficiency and value for money
  • More homes


The scale of response was encouraging, as were the number of respondents who had no concerns. Just 6% of customers said that a merger would bring no benefits at all.

None of the issues raised should undermine the merger process but they do need to be taken into account. Board have been asked to discuss the findings and further consider the issues raised.

Find out more

You can find more information about the merger in our list of frequently asked questions below.

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