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Resident involvement training

We have a number of training opportunities available to give you the skills and knowledge needed to take part in resident involvement. They will help you make a positive difference to both your neighbourhood and L&Q's services while improving your workplace skills. 

How to register an interest

If you're interested in taking part in any of our training, please email us or ring 0300 456 9996 ext 5014

How you can take part

Go to an event: this involves travelling to a half day event in central London (we can reimburse your travel expenses).  We will only hold events when they are fully booked. We will try to organise training to meet our residents needs so where  there is enough demand we can run weekend, evening or local events.

Do it online: This option (apart from the Introduction to L&Q) allows you to complete an open award accreditation level 2. Each course takes approximately ten hours of study and must be completed in a 2 week time frame.  The introduction to L&Q can be completed in 20minutes and you do not need to have access to the internet.

What's on offer

Course What you'll learn: How you can take part: Other information:
Introduction to L&Q
  • What L&Q does and how it operates
  • How L&Q is regulated
  • What resident involvement is and why it is so important
  • Go to an event
    The event involves a tour around one of L&Q's main offices. Priority for this event will go to residents who are new to resident involvement.
  • Do it online

How to be  a mystery shopper
  • Why L&Q carries out mystery shopping and what areas of our business we mystery shop
  • The skills needed to take part in a mystery shop
  • Go to an event
    At the end of the event you'll be expected to take part in a mystery shop. Priority for this will go to those eligible to be mystery shoppers.

L&Q are currently refreshing the mystery shopping process to maximise improvements to our service.

You can still register an interest in becoming a mystery shopper for when the programme launches again.

How to be a neighbourhood champion
  • The roles and responsibilities of neighbourhood champions
  • How we grade and assess our neighbourhoods
  • How champions can take part in inspections and access funding for improvements
  • Go to an event
    Priority for this will go to those eligible to be neighbourhood champions.
This takes places every October - register your interest at your local L&Q office.