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Career Development

At L&Q we want people to succeed. That's why we invest in people's professional development.

We're happy to pay course fees, give time-off to attend college and reward success. We feel we have a responsibility to develop people for the housing sector in general, not just L&Q.

We offer our staff:

Assistance with studies

L&Q supports staff, with a minimum of one years service, to achieve professional qualifications relevant to their job and their career. Study can be by day release, evening classes or distance learning.

Continuous professional development

L&Qs support for study doesnt stop with the achievement of a qualification. It recognises the value of CPD and encourages staff to attend a range of courses, conferences and seminars to update their knowledge and skills.

Choice-based training

On reaching 5 years service, staff can enrol on a course of study of their own choice, which may be non work related but which must be undertaken in the employees own time. All course fees will be paid for by L&Q up to a maximum of £250.

Acting-up opportunities

From time-to-time opportunities arise for individuals to act-up into more senior positions. Under the leadership of more experienced colleagues, new managers and team leaders have the opportunity to practice and develop their skills.


Time spent in other organisations offers managers the opportunity for both personal and professional development. In the past, L&Q managers have been seconded to external agencies, London Boroughs and Housing Associations.

Succession Planning

The Executive Group, advised by the Group Director of Human Resources, monitors L&Qs talent pool. It identifies staff with high potential and plugs gaps in competency to ensure L&Qs future supply of high calibre people.

Work Shadowing

With the agreement of all parties involved, arrangements can be made to shadow a work colleague. This allows individuals to broaden their understanding of a different job or working environment.


L&Q has developed a programme that identifies opportunities for local people who want to volunteer in community work with L&Q on a placement for 3 months. The act of volunteering is a reflection of a healthy community. Each year millions of people in the UK find fulfilment in donating time and labour to worthwhile causes.