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Chief Executive's blog

A blog written by our Chief Executive, David Montague. Each month David reflects on events at L&Q and in the housing sector,  and offers his opinions on current and future events.

About David Montague

David MontagueDavid Montague has been chief executive of L&Q since February 2008. He has been with L&Q since 1989 and served as Group Director of Finance before his current appointment.

David is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and writes and lectures on social housing and business planning issues.

  • Feb 27

    Own goal?

    Today the English housing survey reported that home ownership has fallen to 65%, its lowest level since 1987, and private renting has overtaken social renting.

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  • Jan 20

    Opening the gates to new Garden Cities

    I was delighted to hear this morning that Government is considering two new garden cities, one in ‎Buckinghamshire and one in Kent. But if garden cities get the green light there are three big challenges ahead - ‎plenty of opposition, no more money and we need them now.

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  • Jan 06

    What does £25 billion in public spending cuts mean for affordable housing?

    Chancellor George Osborne is planning a further £25 billion public spending cuts which could come from government departments or from the welfare budget. On the previous day David Cameron promised to protect pensions, so George's options are limited.

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  • Dec 13

    Before we were so rudely interrupted...

    In February 2007 Professor John Hills published "Ends and Means; the Future Roles of Social Housing in England". His report claimed that social housing played a crucial role in the lives of four million households in England offering security, stability and a level of quality and affordability that private sector tenants didn't enjoy. Then the World fell over, six years on how are we doing against Hills' four priorities?

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  • Dec 10

    Does the Cap fit?

    We saw quite a few housing related announcements in last weeks Autumn Statement, one left me puzzled – the overall cap on welfare spending.

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