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Chief Executive's blog

A blog written by our Chief Executive, David Montague. Each month David reflects on events at L&Q and in the housing sector,  and offers his opinions on current and future events.

About David Montague

David MontagueDavid Montague has been chief executive of L&Q since February 2008. He has been with L&Q since 1989 and served as Group Director of Finance before his current appointment.

David is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and writes and lectures on social housing and business planning issues.

  • Nov 22

    £1.43 trillion

    Is debt good or is it bad? Householders, corporations and government should borrow more, or they should borrow less?

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  • Nov 15

    If not now, when?

    David Cameron wants to see more people who are not white and middle class in top jobs. "You've got to get out there and find people, win them over, get them to raise aspirations, get them to think they can get all the way to the top." It isn't fair that people's life chances should be affected by the place where they were born. That's why I work for a housing association, because housing associations change the place where people live.

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  • Sep 16

    Plan C - C for construction

    If Plan A won't deliver enough homes and‎ Plan B has been consigned to the dustbin, maybe it's time for Plan C - C for Construction.

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  • Aug 14

    We need to talk about rents

    For a brief moment a cheer could be heard rippling across the housing association sector as the Chancellor offered in his Spending Review greater certainty over future rental income. But then we looked at the small print – according to the Treasury this represented a saving to the public purse and a saving to them must mean a cost to us.

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  • Aug 05

    From the cliff edge

    So what's going on with housing associations? In 2007 we stood at a cliff edge facing two choices – either to wait for the money to come back or to learn how to fly.

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