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Commenting on blogs

To comment on an L&Q blog, you must first register for an account with the L&Q website.

 All comments submitted will be checked by L&Q's Web Team before being published. We will only publish comments which are submitted within one week of the publication of a blog article.

What we will publish

We advise you not to write anything that you would not say to the writer of the blog in his or her own living room.

We will not publish comments which:

  • contain swear words
  • are disrespectful to other people
  • contain private information about you or another individual
  • could endanger you or another person if we published them
  • are not relevant to the subject of the blog post
  • are submitted eight days or more after the publication of the respective blog post

If you repeatedly post comments that are not relevant to the subject of the blog, we may not publish your comments and we will email you to explain this.

How we will respond to your comments

We will respond to general themes and issues that arise from discussion between several people in blog comments.

On some occasions, we will respond directly to comments, by posting a comment on a blog, or by emailing you directly.

We will use the email address that you used to register with our website to contact you in this case.

To protect your privacy, we are unable to discuss personal or individual issues about the service that you receive from L&Q on any of our blogs.

You can raise any individual issues via our customer service team (L&Q Direct). If you wish to make a comment or complaint about any aspect of our service then you can do so via the comments and complaints section of our website.