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Anti-Social Behaviour

Anti-social Behaviour

Everyone who signs up to an L&Q tenancy knows they have to act responsibly and make sure their children and visitors do not cause trouble. The same applies to leaseholders and to subtenants and lodgers.

L&Q is committed to dealing with anti-social behaviour as part of its mission of creating places where people want to live. We will take prompt, appropriate and decisive action to deal with anti-social behaviour before it escalates and will work with relevant partners (eg local authorities and police).

Where residents cause persistent problems and do not respond to the concerns being raised about their behaviour, we'll use whatever powers and remedies are available. If necessary, we will take court action which could lead to eviction.  But we will always make sure that our actions are proportionate.

Lifestyle differences and disagreements

Residents should recognise that some irritations are to be expected living next to other people. Below are some examples of issues that would typically not be investigated as anti-social behaviour:

  • Noise from everyday living, including: children playing, family disputes, babies crying, one-off parties, creaking floorboards, washing machines, noise occurring at unusual times because of different work/shift patterns, though we would expect residents to restrict noise (eg from DIY work) where it is likely to disturb sleep (between 10pm and 7am)
  • Personal dislike, tit for tat arguments, dirty looks, children falling out
  • Lifestyle differences, eg smells from cooking, minor car repairs, putting rubbish out on the wrong day, parking in the wrong bay
  • Neighbour disputes such as shared boundary issues/shared driveways

If you know who is causing the problem and you feel safe and able to do so, speak to your neighbour. Explain to them how their behaviour is affecting you they might not know that something theyre doing is causing you nuisance or distress.

Reporting anti-social behaviour, including police and local council

You should always call the police if you have a serious, urgent problem.

Your local council is responsible for looking into complaints about noise from homes and gardens, and can serve notices to stop or restrict the noise.

You can report anti-social behaviour by contacting L&Q Direct.

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  • Anti-social behaviour contacts

    If you have a serious, urgent problem linked to L&Q residents:

    • call the police (if the incident involves a crime)
    • Email
    • phone L&Q Direct on 0300 456 9996
    • write to L&Q Direct, PO Box 194, Sidcup, DA15 0AJ or
    • visit your local L&Q office