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Service Charges

Your service charge is the sum payable by you to L&Q for the costs of providing services to your home.

At the beginning of the financial year we estimate what it will cost us to deliver these services to your home, and set a charge for you to pay from the first Monday in April until the end of March. We divide the charge into equal monthly payments so you do not have to pay the whole amount in one lump sum.

As with any other estimate, final costs can be greater or less than initially budgeted. Once the year has ended, we work out the actual costs that we have incurred throughout the year. We then issue you with a final service charge statement within six months of the end of the year.

Fixed or variable service charge?

Depending on the agreement you signed, you may pay either a fixed or a variable service charge. Most tenants who rent their property pay a fixed service charge. This means that we set your service charge for the year based on estimated costs and do not amend it at any point in the future. We aim to make the service charge as accurate as possible so that it reflects the level of services we provide to your home.

All homeowners and some tenants pay a variable service charge. Again, we set an estimated charge for your home at the beginning of the year. Once the year is complete, we issue you with a final statement, which shows the actual cost of our providing services along with a balancing charge either a credit in your favour or a balance to pay.

Variable service charge payers have the right to challenge the reasonableness of their charges by making an application to the First-Tier Tribunal (Property Chambers). If you are a fixed service charge payer, you can apply to the First-Tier Tribunal to appeal against your proposed rent and service charge, but please note you only have a limited time to do so up to 1 April of the period when the amended rent and service charge is due to start.

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