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Homeowner - repairs and maintenance

If you are an L&Q homeowner you may need to contact us from time to time about repairs or maintenance to your property or the surrounding area.

Before you do this, please read the information below to gain an understanding on where responsibility lies for different types of repair.

Leaseholder/shared ownership repairs

Shared ownership homes are sold on a leasehold basis. The lease is a legal contract between you and us. As a shared owner, you will be treated as a full homeowner, even though you own only part of your home.

Repairs in your property

As a homeowner, you are responsible for the internal repairs within your home and the safety of gas and electric fittings. You must arrange for regular servicing of central heating boilers and systems at least once a year.

 For repairs within your home which fall under your responsibility, you should arrange for a qualified and reputable contractor to carry out the work. You will be responsible for the cost of the works.

L&Q do not carry out any repairs within your home.  This is your responsibility under the terms of the lease.  (If you live in a shared ownership house, you will also be responsible for the repairs and maintenance to the outside of your house).

Communal Repairs

You should only report to us repairs in the communal areas. If we carry out a repair to your building or estate, you will be required under the terms of the lease to contribute towards the cost which will be shown on your service charge statement. Please report emergency communal repairs by calling 0800 015 6536.

Emergency repairs

It is important to think about what to do in an emergency:

  • Water Leaks - If you find a burst pipe or you have a water leak, you should immediately turn your water off
  • Gas Leaks - If you smell gas, you should turn off your supply at the mains. You should then call the gas supplier immediately. The number you should call can be found on your gas bill or by searching the internet
  • Electricity -  If you have an electrical fault, you should switch off the supply at the mains. This is found next to your fuse box.  You should then call a competent electrician.  If your supply fails completely, you should call your electricity supplier. The number can be found on your electricity bill or by searching on internet.

Gaining Access to your property

In certain situations, such as a serious leak that is causing damage to other properties, or where there is a health and safety risk, we may ask you to carry out the repair immediately. If you are unable to do so, we may arrange for a contractor to carry out the works on your behalf and will charge for any costs that we incur.

It is a requirement of your lease to provide reasonable access to L&Q or our operative to carry out maintenance to any part of the building.

If you call us to report a repair and it is found to be your responsibility, we will charge you for costs that are incurred.