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Maintenance FAQ

Which works could be included?

These come under two categories:

  • Reactive maintenance includes all; emergency, urgent and routine day to day repairs
  • Planned maintenance works includes; cyclical external painting (not seven year internal decorations), major aids and adaptations, major repairs, internal whole replacement works, including: kitchens, bathrooms central heating, electrical wiring, external works, including: structural works, roofing replacement, security works, windows, doors, communal lift replacement, environmental works

After the works are complete will I have to pay more rent?

Normally this will be covered in the amount you already pay and we will advise if there are any changes.

Will I be given notice before any work starts?

Yes. If your home is included in the programme you will be told some time before the work is planned. Nearer the time you will be consulted and given more detailed information.

Who will do the works?

Our contractors track record is checked before we use them. This ensures they are professional and behave in an appropriate manner. All are signed up to our Contractors Charter.

Will my property be secure during the work?

Every precaution is taken. For example, if scaffolding is used, ladders from the ground floor will be removed at the end of each day.

However, we strongly advise you to notify your home contents insurers that scaffolding is to be erected. If you dont this could affect any insurance claim.

Will I have to have the works done?

Generally yes. However, if it is major work inside your home and you have special circumstances, please discuss these with us.

Who should I speak to if I have any queries?

You will be given the name and address of the contractor and your point of contact at L&Q.