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Speed of Repair

People would obviously like all repairs to their homes completed immediately, but L&Q carry out thousands each year so this is not always possible. Instead, we set target times dependent on the type of repair and how urgent it is. Exceptional circumstances will always be considered according to a resident's vulnerability. Please make us aware of this when you call to report your repair.

There are three categories of repair:

Emergency (within 24 hours)

For our Out of Hours service, this would normally be a "make-safe" option until we can arrange for a permanent fix to be done. 
This is when:
  • The repair presents an immediate danger, such as loose or falling brickwork, gas leaks, electrical faults likely to cause shock or fire and total loss of power
  • Further damage will be caused if the repair is delayed  e.g. burst pipes, severe roof damage
  • The repair is a potential health hazard, ie drainage problems causing waste water to back up or flood entrance paths, or communal staircase lighting

Urgent (within 5 working days)

  • Faults causing considerable inconvenience or risk, such as a blown fuse to an electrical circuit, loose or damaged stair tread or hand rail, defective multi-point or central heating boiler, loss of staircase lighting or a non-flushing WC
  • Minor structural faults likely to create further damage in the short term, such as missing or slipped slates, dripping pipe or waste
  • Front entrance or fire door needing easing and adjusting

Routine (within 20 working days)

  • All other essential repairs


In most circumstances, our staff agree an appointment date and time when you report your repair. If, under exceptional circumstances this cannot be done, we will tell you and arrange for the contractor to contact you directly to arrange a convenient time.

Once we confirm your appointment, an order will be issued to our contractor. If circumstances change and you are unable to be at home at the arranged time, you must contact the contractor directly to re-arrange another suitable time.

If you're not at home when the contractor comes to do the repair, you may find your repair delayed or cancelled. You may be charged for follow up visits to do the repairs.

You may be entitled to compensation if the contractor or our surveyor fails to call as arranged.

Contractor's code of conduct

You can find out more about the standards we expect from our contractors in our Maintenance contractor's code of conduct (196 KB).