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The Place Makers Fund will award grants to local groups, organisations and charities which share our passion and commitment to changing lives and enhancing communities. It's run by our grant management partners, Rocket Science, using funds from the L&Q Foundation and all funded projects will support the Foundation to achieve its strategic outcomes. These are:

Independent lives - Supporting residents to live independent lives, by enhancing residents’ social and economic resilience to sustain their tenancies

Successful places - Increasing social mobility and community engagement among L&Q residents and communities

Social responsibility - Integrating social responsibility in to our core activities, acting as an enabler and champion for corporate responsibility and sustainability across the organisation

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Place Makers Local 

Place Makers Local replaced the previous Neighbourhood Committee Fund. It aims to develop and support local, community-led and place-based projects that reflect the needs of the local area and the L&Q Foundation’s broader strategic priorities.

The Place Makers Local programme will be overseen by eight Neighbourhood Committees contained within the four regions of L&Q. Find a local Neighbourhood Committee near you

Neighbourhood Committees are formally constituted groups of residents and local representatives who actively work together to make a difference and improve their local communities and the services offered by L&Q.

Committee members make decisions on how funding is awarded for projects that improve the community. For the Place Makers Local Fund, each Neighbourhood Committee will have a budget of £37,500 to distribute.

The Place Makers Local Fund will give grants of a maximum of £10,000.

Place Makers Growth 

Projects further along the development process can apply to the Place Makers Growth programme to enable them to sustain their activities for the benefit of the communities in a way that aligns with the Foundation’s strategic priorities and objectives.

Funding aims to help organisations to expand or develop work that supports L&Q residents. These will be organisations that are looking to grow their capacity or capability or are looking to expand their work into new areas of delivery.

The Place Makers Growth Fund will give grants up to a maximum of £50,000. This can be for capital and revenue.

The deadline for applications is at Midday on 1 February 2020. We will not be accepting applications beyond this point.

We would specifically like to encourage applications from the L&Q regions of Thames, West and South West. Find out which region you fall under

Place Makers Counties 

Place Makers Counties will offer small grants to benefit new communities where L&Q are developing or improving homes. It aims to develop and support local, community-led and place-based projects that reflect the needs of the local area and the L&Q Foundation’s broader strategic priorities.

The Place Makers Counties Fund will give grants of a maximum of £10,000 and will be overseen by the L&Q Foundation and a local panel.

Eligible activities

Your proposed project must deliver outcomes relating to one of the three L&Q Foundation’s Successful Places outcomes:

  • [Title]


    Children and young people having access to opportunities that can develop their skills and improve their life potential

    See the types of projects

    Digital skill courses for parents, mentoring sessions with parents and children, STEM awareness sessions, CV skills and interview workshops, extra-curricular activities with after schools clubs, tutoring sessions within schools.

  • [Title]

    Health and wellbeing

    Supporting everyone within L&Q communities to be happy and healthy through every life stage

    See the types of projects

    Provide access to healthy eating/cooking workshops, provide specialist services focussing on mental health to reduce stigma, provide physical exercise opportunities. 

  • [Title]

    Isolation and exclusion

    Creating a sense of community that enables people to engage and create a sense of togetherness

    See the types of projects

    Facilitate local community and business networking events, increase and improve green, sports and garden spaces, inter-generational activities, buddy-up system for isolated residents.

Funding can also be granted when an application identifies funding for a specific client group with local need that falls outside of the broader strategic objectives but will demonstrably add value to the specific client group and the wider community.

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Find out if you're eligible for the Place Makers Fund 

Applicants must be a legally constituted organisation with one of the following legal structures:

  • Company limited by guarantee
  • Registered Charity
  • Community Interest Company (CIC)
  • Social Enterprise (a registered incorporated organisation)
  • Unincorporated organisation.

You will be asked to provide evidence of the following as part of your application:

  • Governing documents (for example; constitution, memorandum, articles of association)
  • Your organisation has at least 3 unrelated board members
  • Your organisation has at least two years’ of audited accounts
  • Bank details with at least 2 unrelated signatories
  • Where applicable, organisational policies on:
    1. Equality & Diversity
    2. Health & Safety
    3. Safeguarding Children & Vulnerable Adults
  • Relevant insurance in place, including public liability insurance and (if required) Employers’ Liability insurance  
  • A delivery plan for your project
  • A risk assessment for your project
  • A budget plan for your project
  • Lead applicant or partner (for joint applications) has not previously mismanaged a L&Q grant.

You will need to show that the project is:

  • Consistent with at least one of Successful Places outcomes around Education, Health & Wellbeing and Reducing Isolation.
  • Will benefit L&Q residents and Neighbourhood Communities.

Please note that should your application for funding be approved by The Foundation board, the award for funding is subject to the submission of satisfactory references.

Organisations cannot bid for project funding in more than one stream in any given financial year. Grants from either fund cannot exceed 20% of the organisation’s annual turnover. For example, an organisation with an annual income of £100,000 cannot apply for more than £20,000.

Eligible costs

The Place Makers Programme will fund:

  • Core costs – facility costs, office equipment, supplies, travel expenses
  • Staff costs – staffing, capacity building/training
  • Volunteer expenses - reimbursements of expenses to volunteers, eg telephone calls, meals, and travel
  • Activity costs – resources to facilitate a project/activity that falls outside of capital, volunteer or staffing costs, eg catering, insurance
  • Small-scale capital costs – items that are required for the delivery of a project, eg gardening equipment, computer hardware.

Non-eligible costs

The Place Makers Programme will not fund:

  • Retrospective funding (ie the cost of preparing your grant application)
  • Over 20% of your annual income. 

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