Everybody needs good neighbours

When you are sharing facilities and living very close to your neighbours in a block of flats it is easy for difficulties to arise if people are inconsiderate or behave unreasonably.

It's important to make a special effort to be a good neighbour so you don't upset or cause a nuisance to others living in your block or on your estate.

Most of the problems we have to deal with at L&Q are complaints about noise. Noise travels easily between flats so please bear this in mind, particularly late at night and early in the morning.

Shared responsibility

Everyone who lives in a block can use the shared hallways, gardens and drying areas so please keep these areas tidy and free from rubbish.

You can help us by doing the following:

  • Get to know your neighbours and other people in the local community. This can make it easier to talk to each other if any issues arise
  • Regularly clean the landing and stairs near your flat if your tenancy agreement says you have to
  • Make sure the stairs and landings are not blocked with things like toys, bicycles, rubbish sacks or prams. They can be dangerous if people trip over them, or if they have to get out of the building quickly if there is a fire
  • If your block has a door-entry system, make sure the door closes behind you. Don't wedge it open and don't let anyone in who you don't know
  • Always put your rubbish in the bins we provide straight away, don't leave it outside your home
  • Don't lay laminated flooring in your flat as this can cause a noise nuisance to the people living below
  • Make sure your children don't play in the shared hallways, stairs, balconies or doorways
  • Tell your housing officer if you see someone dumping rubbish. If they arrive in a vehicle try to note down the registration number. Removing dumped rubbish costs us a lot of money, which is paid for by your rent. We would much rather spend this money on improving services to you instead

Safety considerations

  • Please do not store petrol, bottled gas, paraffin heaters or other flammable materials in your home, on your balcony or in shared areas
  • Do not throw, or allow other people to throw, things from your flat or maisonette
  • If you see a fire in your home or anywhere else in the block call the fire brigade immediately. If it is safe to do so without putting yourself or your family in danger, try to alert everyone else in the block. If you can safely get to a fire alarm, break the glass and set it off to alert others. You should then leave the building as quickly as possible, closing all doors behind you and using stairs instead of the lifts