At L&Q we are passionate about empowering and involving our residents in all of our decision making processes. We offer a wide variety of formal and informal involvement options to our residents, with roles on our Resident Services Group, Customer Experience Committee, Neighbourhood Committees and more. 

The structure chart shows involvement opportunities we currently offer to our senior involved residents. Our current resident involvement structure helps us to meet standards set by the Regular of Social Housing. The regulator requires us to involve our boards and residents in monitoring our performance and holding us to account through a principle called co-regulation. Find out more about co-regulation.

Resident Involvement structure chart

In addition to the formal involvement roles above, we also offer the flexible involvement options below: 

RoleTimeTime of DayLocation
Focus Groups1 or 2 hours on an adhoc basesWeekdaysAnywhere
Social Media (L&Q Facebook, Twitter Group)AnytimeAnytimeAnywhere
Mystery Shopper (currently under review)Provisionally around 2 days over a few weeksAnytimeLocal Area
LGBT ForumProvisionally 2 times a year around 2 hours per meetingWeekdays - eveningsCentral London

For more information on any of these roles please complete the online form or contact us