Resident Associations are groups of local people who work together to represent the collective views of their community. They highlight important issues in their local area, provide feedback on our services, and work in partnership with us to bring about change.

What do Resident Associations do?

Resident Associations:

  • inform residents of their rights and help tackle any problems they have in relation to their housing
  • put pressure on L&Q to do repairs, maintenance or provide improvements
  • establish good working relationships with us to improve the housing service
  • represent residents views to L&Q and report back to them on any news or concerns we may have
  • help keep residents informed of the issues affecting their estate and area
  • help resolve disputes between residents
  • campaign on local issues, for example planning applications, schooling or traffic hazards
  • organise social, leisure or educational activities for their estate or area
  • help promote estate or area based activities, such as good neighbour schemes or Neighbourhood Watch

Why join a Resident Association?

Resident Associations have proven to be very good for promoting community spirit, tolerance and cooperation amongst local residents. If you want to make a real difference to where you live, you can join your local Resident Association. Or, if you don't have one, take the lead and set one up yourself.

Getting involved in running your Resident Association can help you get skills in:

  • running meetings
  • managing budgets
  • organisation
  • communication and publicity

We'll provide support and advice if you would like to set up a new Resident Associations. We'll also provide grants to help cover the start-up and running costs.

How can I get more information?

If you would like to talk to us about joining your local Resident Association, or setting one up if you do not already have one, please contact our customer service centre.