At L&Q we refer to residents who own part of, or the entire lease on their home, as Homeowners.

In this section you can find out about your responsibilities as a Homeowner and our responsibilities as the freeholder. You'll also find information about things like sinking funds, administration fees and more.

If you own a share of the lease on your home, you may be interested in finding out more about rent and service charges, re-mortgaging and staircasing.

Homeowner repairs and responsibilities
Sinking funds
Major repair works
Improving your home
Consulting over charges

Shared ownership
Selling your shared ownership home
Paying rent on a share of your home
Staircasing (buying more shares in your home)

Charges, insurance and legal
Administration charges
Transferring ownership of your home
Your lease explained
Remortgaging, staircasing or selling your home if you live in our apartment blocks

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