Remortgaging is a term that describes changing mortgage provider. At the time of remortgaging, you may consider borrowing more money to be secured against the property which is known as a further advance.

Remortgaging, staircasing or selling your home if you live in our apartment blocks

Some residents/buyers in our apartment blocks may experience issues securing mortgages as a result of changes in building safety advice. You can find out more about these changes here. Please seek advice directly from your lender or mortgage broker before applying to ensure you do not incur any unnecessary valuation or solicitors' costs.

Other considerations

As we have a financial interest in your home, it is important that we are aware of and agree to any changes in your lender or an increase in how much you are borrowing. Government money has been used to assist you to buy your home and L&Q have a duty to ensure that this is protected.

We would recommend that you shop around to find the best mortgage deals available at the most competitive rates and in doing this, we promote the freedom of choice. We have a panel of independent financial consultants [PDF, 37 KB] who are willing to assist with any financial queries that you have and should you wish you use their services, they will charge preferred rates to L&Q customers.

The remortgaging and further advance page details the documents we require to consider your application to change mortgage provider. You will need a solicitor to act on your behalf to change lender and/or borrow more money. We have a panel of dedicated independent solicitors [PDF, 35 KB] who  can help you if you want and they also offer preferred rates to L&Q customers.

For all remortgaging transactions, there are administration charges [PDF, 38 KB] for dealing with your application. We make a charge to cover the cost of providing a service to you. You are also required to cover any legal fees associated with the transaction.

If you need any more help and require an enquiry pack, please contact our customer service centre online.