Subletting is a process through which a tenant enters into a rental contract with you as the Leaseholder in order to rent and live in your property.

If you are a Shared Owner or you purchased your home with the assistance of an Equity Loan, your lease or Legal Charge prohibits subletting. This means that you are unable to sublet. As Government funds were provided to assist you with buying the home we have to protect these funds ensuring that the home remains as your main residence. It is only in extremely exceptional circumstances that we will consider a Shared Owner or Equity Loan customers' request to sublet and due to the clause within the lease it is unlikely that any request will be approved.

Eligibility - Shared Owners and Equity Loan Customers

If you are a Leaseholder - L&Q may allow you to sublet but we need to check the terms of your lease to ensure that there are no restrictions.

Eligibility - Leaseholders

Please do not submit a request to sublet without reading the eligibility information and making sure that you meet the criteria.


L&Q charge an administration fee to assess a subletting request. This covers our costs in providing the service to you. Payments can be made over the telephone by a credit or debit card.

Front cover of planned maintenance booklet

We will only assess your request once we have received this payment. It is non-refundable and will be taken prior to a decision being made.

In addition to our administration fee, you are also required to pay any associated legal (solicitor) fees. Your own legal fees will vary but we can provide a panel of independent solicitors who would be willing to act for you. They all provide referred rates to L&Q customers.

You are required to cover L&Q's legal fees.

If you withdraw your Subletting request once solicitors have been instructed, you will be required to pay their abortive fees.

It is important to consider the costs associated with subletting before making a decision to go ahead.

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You can find answers to some of the most commonly asked subletting questions on our FAQ page.

You can also contact our customer service centre online.