L&Q provides help and assistance to residents moving to smaller properties. This allows us to make sure our residents are in homes they can afford and we make best use of our housing stock by freeing up larger properties for homeless families and overcrowded households. Put simply, we will be able to provide good quality homes to more people.

Why move to a smaller home? 

You may want to consider moving if:

  • You are in receipt of housing benefit and affected by the size criteria
  • Your home has become too costly to run and difficult to manage
  • The number of people in the household has reduced (eg children have grown up and left home)
  • You want to move to a different location to be nearer family or work

What help will I get with moving?

If you transfer to another L&Q home with fewer bedrooms, we will: 

  • Prioritise your transfer application (Band 2)
  • Not charge an affordable rent. Please note that even though homes may still be advertised at affordable rent, residents in Band 2 should still bid. If successful, lettings staff will inform you of the new rent

Financial assistance may be considered where you are downsizing through a transfer or mutual exchange to another L&Q home, and you are:

  • Affected by size criteria
  • Disabled
  • Over working age (if moving into general needs homes)
  • Moving into sheltered accommodation
  • Parent(s) with children under 16

How do I apply?

To apply for a transfer you will need to complete a Transfer Application form (200 kb PDF)

Once accepted, you will then be placed in Band 2 on our Choice Based Lettings scheme and you will be able to bid on available homes that suit your needs. Visit our transfers page for further information on our Choice Based Lettings.

To conduct a mutual exchange, we recommend that you register with HomeSwapper, a mutual exchange service on the internet available to L&Q residents for free. You can find more information by visiting our mutual exchange page.

Can I move if I have rent arrears?

You will be required to clear all outstanding arrears before moving home. 

If you are affected by the size criteria and can not move due to arrears you should contact us to discuss this.
We also reserve the right to exclude residents from moving if there has been any breach of tenancy or if your current home has not been kept in a suitable condition.