Your rent goes towards:

  • paying for repairs and maintenance
  • managing your housing service
  • repaying money borrowed to build or modernise your home

Service charges

Some residents pay service charges as part of their rent – this is to pay for services such as caretakers and communal lighting. Your tenancy agreement will tell you if you pay a service charge.

If you pay a service charge to us, we collect a management fee as part of that charge. This is a contribution towards our costs for managing the services that you receive, collecting payments and issuing you with information about your charges.

We’re going to change how we set the management fees you pay from April 2020. We’ll write to you about this beforehand, letting you know exactly what your new rent will be.

In the meantime, you can also read an overview of the changes

Rent increases

Every year, we review the rent you pay for your home, and your new rent comes into effect each April.

We follow rules set by the government when we calculate any changes to your rent. In 2020, the rules say rents can be increased by last September’s Consumer Price Index, a common measure of inflation, plus an extra 1%.

The Consumer Price Index in September 2019 was 1.7%, so most rents will increase by 2.7% from April 2020. You’ll receive a letter from us about this beforehand, letting you know exactly what your new rent will be.

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Rent and service charges feedback

Please contact our customer service centre online if you experience any problem with your rent or service charges.

Managing your tenancy and rent account

We are the largest social landlord in the South East with more than 30 years experience providing housing management.

Our services are split into regional divisions and each division has a Revenue team and a number of Neighbourhood Services teams.

Every single resident is assigned a Neighbourhood Services Officer and a Revenue Officer.

Revenue Officers are responsible for the management of your rent account. Contact them for help with:

  • making rent payments
  • rent arrears
  • claiming housing benefit and other benefits
  • general debt problems

Neighbourhood Service Officers are responsible for the management of all other tenancy issues. Contact them for help with:

  • transferring to another L&Q home
  • property exchanges
  • neighbourhood problems
  • decorating your home
  • improving your home
  • putting you in touch with the right people to help with other enquiries